Customers: Means the users who have been registered to use the Service and have paid what they are due.

Unregistered Users: Means any Unregistered Users who request the Service from the Provider.

Privacy Policy         Means the Provider’s Privacy Policy which can be found at the following address:

Acceptable Usage Policy: The servers we use are owned by Pickaweb and they have an acceptable usage policy which you should follow. It can be found on the following address:

Website Usage Terms:  Means the Provider’s Acceptable Usage Policy which can be found here:

Hosting Packages: Means the amount of Webspace, Bandwidth & E-mail Facilities allotted to the Customer by the Provider. Please see the following link for details of all packages:

Web Design Packages: Means a set services bundled together amounting to the creation of a website.

Domain Name Registration: Means to buy or register a domain name.


Domain Name:         Means a specific address which internet users enter in a browser to access a website.

Bandwidth: Means the maximum rate of data transfer allocated to the Customer and is shown in the relevant Hosting Packages.

DNS: Means Domain Naming System.

E-Mail Configuration: Means the process of connecting a Customer’s computer to their web hosting Space for the purpose of sending & receiving e-mail using, for example, Microsoft Outlook.

E-mail Service: refers to use of electronic mail services on the allocated Webspace & the Customer’s specific Domain Name

Web Hosting Control Panel: Means an online software provided by the Provider and which forms part of the Customer’s website hosting platform and which provides a range of website hosting functions.

Webspace: Means the electronic infrastructure which the Provider provides the Registered Customer with for the purpose of the Service. It consists of disk space measured in MB, Bandwidth & E-mail facilities which are outlined at:

Browser: Means the program a website visitor uses to view a website.

CMS: Means Content Management System. This is a back-end tool for creating and managing a website.

HTML: Means Hypertext Mark-up Language

CSS: Means Cascading Style Sheets. It is a styling webpage styling language.

MySQL: Means a database management system based on SQL

SQL: Means Structured Query Language. It is a database language.

PHP: Is a server-side hypertext pre-processor language.

FTP: Means File Transfer Protocol

Spam: Means unsolicited messages sent through email in bulk


Technical Support: is the valid help provided to the customer regarding specific problems upon request.

Helpdesk: Means an online platform which allows customers to enter their details asking us for help on valid issues relating to the Service. To ask us for help  please follow this link:

Void Enquiries:  Any support enquiries received from Unregistered users.

Valid Enquiries:      Means an enquiry made by a Customer to do with DNS information, Web Hosting Control Panel, E-mail settings, uploads using a licensed FTP program, database uploads using SQL or PHP, installation of Perl or CGI Scripts in the Customer’s webspace.

Web Hosting Control Panel Enquiries: Means a valid enquiry from a Registered Customer relating to the functions within the Web Hosting Control Panel.

Script Enquiries:    Means any enquiry related to the functionality of any software programme including, but not limited to PHP and SQL.


Payment Gateway:  Means the online service provided by MultiWebHost to accept either credit or debit card payments through which all payments for the Service shall be made by the Customer

E-Commerce: Means the buying and selling of goods and services online through website.

Monthly Payment:  Means a fee payable to the Provider each month and for which recurrent payments shall be made on the same date each month. To make clear, if the first Monthly Fee is paid on 15 February, recurrent payments will be made on the 15th of each month. In months where dates 29th, 30th or 31st do not exist, the payment shall be due on the closest preceding date.

Yearly Payment: Means a fee payable to the Provider each year and for which recurrent payments shall be made on the same date each year. To make clear, if the first Yearly Fee is paid on 15 February, recurrent payments will be made on 15 February each year. In months where dates 29th, 30th or 31st do not exist, the payment shall be due on the closest preceding date.

Service Charge: Means a fee payable to Multiwebhost and can be a monthly or annual fee. After the initial service charge, we shall set a periodic payment request depending on whether the Customer has chosen a monthly or yearly package.Refund Policy: Means the policy that governs how refunds are made. It is found at this address: