Our Terms and Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before accessing our website.

MultiWebHost (Hereafter sometimes referred to as “we”, “us”, “our” and “provider”) is committed to ensure that all customers receive a satisfactory service, our Terms of Service are intended to make clear from the start what we can expect from each other during the service provision or contract period. This website is offered to you for use by MultiWebHost, including all its information, tools and services on condition that you accept all its terms and conditions, policies and notifications. By using or buying our services, you are accepting these terms and conditions and you agree to be bound by them. Any new features that shall be added to this website shall also be subject to these same terms and conditions.

The General Terms and Conditions of Service and the Policies apply to all services provided by MultiWebHost to its customers. All other terms and conditions stated on this website will be in addition to the General Terms and Conditions. For example, if you buy a web design package from MultiWebHost, both the General terms and conditions and the Web Design terms and conditions will apply to that order.

We don’t sell/register domain names. We can recommend.


Fees or payments for the service shall be those published on www.multiwebhost.co.uk and any changes shall be made known to the customer through email.

All fees shall be fully paid in advance before the due date. In case of non-payment, the service will be suspended. If a customer account is suspended for non-payment the customer will have to pay a reactivation fee. MultiWebHost reserves the right to cancel a service if fees are not paid on time.

We do not register domains therefore all fees are non-inclusive of domain registration


To be registered for service provision the customer will be required to provide full name, email address, correspondence address, phone number and company name.

The customer agrees to only register in their name. If registering as a third party, the customer warrants that they have obtained written permission from the owner which agrees to all terms and conditions on this website.

We shall ensure that the Customer’s data is handled as according to the Privacy Policy.

Information provided by the customer shall only be used for the purpose of service provision stated in these terms and conditions. The customer warrants that no responsibility for claims or causes of action that the customer faces as a result of the Provider using their information shall be placed on the Provider. The Provider will take reasonable safeguards to make sure that the customers information is protected against unauthorized access or disclosure, modification, misuse, obliteration or loss.

The Provider

Depending on chosen package MultiWebHost is responsible for providing the Customer with the following: webspace, e-mail facility, website design, technical support to customers through the Helpdesk for Valid Enquiries.

Fair Usage Policy

The term ‘Unlimited’ means MultiWebHost does not limit the amount that a customer uses trusting the customer to only use the amount that a small business or home customer needs to run their websites.

Our hosting service is not for big companies. All hosting is on shared servers with shared resources. Restrictions are placed on the following: CPU, Concurrent connections, IO, Number of processes, Memory,  MySQL CPU & IO. This is to ensure no one customer uses all resources to the disadvantage of others. MultiWebHost reserves the right to suspend or cancel the service if this is not adhered to and a customer will be informed and asked to make back-up.


The customer agrees to adhere and to be bound by the following policies:
Privacy Policy found at https://www.multiwebhost.co.uk/
Refund Policy found at: https://www.multiwebhost.co.uk
Dispute Policy found at https://www.multiwebhost.co.uk

The Customer

The customer shall not use unlicensed third-party software on the service.
The customer has a responsibility to back-up their own files.
The customer shall request for help by filling in a support form at https://www.multiwebhost.co.uk

Limited Liability

Under no circumstances shall Multiwebhost be held liable for loss of profits or data arising out of or in connection with this service agreement. For example, MultiWeb Host will not be liable for the following: events beyond the reasonable control of the Provider or any interruptions to the business of the customer.

Multiwebhost’s total liability shall not exceed the greater of the total monthly or yearly amount paid by the Customer or 20 GBP. This shall not apply where the Service has been suspended due to non-payment of fees by the Customer. The customer warrants that no responsibility for claims or causes of action that the customer raises because of other customers who use the service shall be placed on the Provider.

Circumstances beyond control

MultiWebHost shoulders no responsibility and shall not be liable, for any damage, loss of data, delay, failure or any other loss caused by events beyond its reasonable control, including acts of government or military, national or global emergencies, fire, flood, catastrophe, acts of God, insurrection, war, strikes, riots or delays caused by internet service providers.

Service suspension or termination

The Provider reserves the right to suspend, cancel or refuse service to any customer if the customer breaches this agreement and any of the policies on this website or provides false or inaccurate information.

The customer agrees that either the provider or the customer can terminate the contract in writing with a 30 day notice.


This agreement, shall be governed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the United Kingdom

These terms & conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.