Business Email hosting for Efficient Communication

A custom business email personalised to your domain will help you:

  • Stay organised, keeping your emails away from your personal emails.
  • Gain customer confidence – emails that come from your domain name are generally trusted by customers in comparison to generic email addresses like yahoo or gmail because they are more professional and customers can tell the email has genuinely been sent from your business.
  • Promote your brand – from the emails you send, to fliers and business cards, they all look more professional with a custom business email address thus solidifying your business marketing.
  • Protect Customer Data – GDPR is a big issue and its always a good practice to keep company information within the company to avoid data leaks.

As a web hosting provider, Multiwebhost’s web hosting packages come with custom emails that use your domain name. The process of setting up your email hosting with Multiwebhost is easy:

  • First you need to register your domain (we currently don’t sell domains)
  • Choose a website hosting package (the package you choose determines the maximum number of email addresses you can setup).
  • Continue to checkout and fill in your information and also let us know your domain (we currently don’t sell domains).
  • We process your request and send you your control panel details, then you can login and setup your email. You can even setup to receive your emails on desktop using an email client or on your mobile device.

Small Business Email packed with Features

Email Signature

You can add business contact details like email, phone number and website address. You can add a privacy note and its possible to to add your logo too.


Have peace of mind by having your emails SSL/TLS encrypted.


Add multiple identities on one mailbox, for example, you can set both your info@ and admin@ to send and receive mail from one inbox.